Momo Bookshelf

2,200.00฿ 1,799.00฿

Product Description :
– PREMIUM QUALITY : The premium quality MoMo Bookcase by Silvaria is created from Premium

Rubberwood – exotic and absolutely natural. Its design put together by experienced carpenters having

worked in their trade for over two decades, this particular piece steals hearts for its sheer

workmanship. it is also insect and mould resistant. Very popular among carpenters, the Premium

Rubberwood lends a sturdiness to the design as well. Quality wise, the bookcase surely stands out.

– CREATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL : the bookcase in walnut is the perfect balance of a creative and

functional design. Perfect for all kinds of books and magazines, the bookcase has walls to make sure

that the books don’t slip off. Great for office areas, living room and even to carry into your kitchen while

rifling through recipes, it's a perfect addition to your decor. Its handles and a light weight make it super

easy to carry around and its sturdy design lets you place it anywhere you’d like.

– SAFETY CONSIDERATION : The veteran carpenters who designed the MoMo Bookcase by Silvaria

did it with the innate knowledge and expertise that come from their involvement of over two decades in

carpentry. Thus, the safety consideration was brought in, in quite a big way. The entire piece is

designed to make sure that there is minimal damage in case of unexpected accidents. Specifically, all

the corners are crafted to prevent hurt.

– EASY TO ASSEMBLY : The MoMo Bookcase by Silvaria can be assembled in a few steps. With a

video presentation on how to assemble, for customers to follow step by step, it becomes very easy to

assemble and is a short, enjoyable activity. The link to the video is provided on the assembly

instruction sheet and it is sure to make it smooth and easy even if this is your very first assemble

yourself piece of furniture!

Prodcut Specification :

Net Weight: 2.0 kgs. 

Gross Weight: 2.7 kgs. 

Product Dimension : 17”L*12.5”W*10”H inches

Color : Walnut



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