Silvaria Side Desk

4,100.00฿ 3,299.00฿

Product Description :
– HIGH QUALITY : Silvaria Side Table is made of Premium Rubberwood – completely natural and

designed by veteran carpenters with experience of over two decades. Easy to maintain with dense rich

grain, insect and mould resistant. The expertise of the carpenters make sure that the design is sturdy

and long lasting. The sheer quality of the side desk is incomparable and it translates to adding to the

overall look of your space, giving it a sense of pure luxury.

– UNIQUE & ELEGANT : Walnut colored, the product reflects a sense of elegance and fits right in with

both modern and traditional home decor. With immense utility, each piece is however gloriously unique

from its grain. This is because real wood likes every tree has its own unique story. Coupled with a

great design, long lasting high quality wood, sturdiness and superior functionality, this piece is simply


– FUNCTIONAL DESIGN : The product has been designed to fit in as bedroom and living room

furniture. Keep it to display, store or as a tea time serving table, it is amazingly useful. With a proper

storage size, you could carry it off into your home office space to store A4-paper. Eminently stable, the

corners are well crafted to prevent accidents and the product well balanced. Whether you are a

singleton setting up your house or a designer, the Silvaria Side Table is an ideal buy.

Prodcut Specification :
Net Weight: 4.5 kgs.

Gross Weight: 6.00 kgs.

Product Dimension: 16.5 x 17.9 x 8.8 inches

Color : Walnut



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